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Black Scallion Sauce 经典黑标葱油酱 [ 220g ]

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Shallot, Canola Oil, Sugar, Fish Sauce (Anchovies, Salt, Sugar), Thick Caramel Sauce [Caramel, Soy Sauce (Water, Soy Beans, Salt, Wheat Flour), Sugar], Yeast Extract, Salt, Spring Onion, Glutinous Rice Flour

Cooking Direction

Shake well before use.
Store in cool dry place.
Once opened, keep refrigerated at 2°C to 4°C and consume within 7 days.


Fish Sauce (Anchovies), Soy Sauce (Soy Beans, Wheat Flour)

Explore a new world of explosive flavours with our Way Black Sauce Gourmet Condiment. It's bold and strong, the way Umami should be. Carefully curated with all-natural ingredients like shallots, spring onion, caramel, and soy sauce, a delectable combination that will take your taste buds for a wild ride. Highly versatile, it can be used in a wide variety of dishes in cooking and as a condiment. The perfect finish to any dish, every dish. Flavorful as it easily achieves Maillard Reaction.
Made by natural ingredients. No added preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. HALAL certified.
Certified with world's highest quality and food safety standards (IFS & BRC).

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Nutrition Fact

Servings per package: 6
Serving size: 33g


133 kcal (558 kJ) 


1.3 g

Total Fat 

8.7 g 

Saturated Fat 

0.7 g 

Trans Fat 

0.0 g 


0.0 mg 


13.0 g

Total Sugar 

6.0 g 

Dietary Fibre 

1.0 g


547 mg 

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