The ABC's of Cooking

Basically, a dish be broken into 3 basic building blocks

A. Proteins/ Legumes - Meat and Veg

B. Carbohydrates - Rice, Noodles, Grain, Pastries

C. Sauce - Flavour

Block A

In this block we have the highest variation in price tags. The higher priced items however require a higher level of skill and expertise in order to prep and maximise their full potential. The difference afforded is also very subtle and requires a much greater well of experience to fully appreciate. And finally, availability is an issue due to affordability and how exotic the item might be.

Block B

The price and quality variation in this block is minute. A higher level of skill is required in order to prepare your won at home, but there is no significant difference between this or the store bought option. 

Block C

There is a significant range in price here available to you. The role of C is to elevate both Blocks A & B. With technology and R&D, this is the block where the average person can elevate his cooking to a gourmet level almost effortlessly.

The New Kid on the BloCk

Way Sauces give you a premium flavour that is both rich and healthy through our careful selection and cooking processes. We then put it together in an affordable package that's easy to use. 

Unleash your inner Gourmet