Sambal Petai Prawns

Sambal Petai Prawns

Petai, it’s either you hate it or you love it.. There is no in between. The taste is nutty and creamy to petai lovers. It’s often cooked in a spicy sambal sauce with succulent prawns and eaten alongside a bowl of hot rice. 

This might be the easiest way to cook Sambal Petai Prawns. All you need is petai, fresh prawns, WAY Sambal Sauce along with a few other ingredients. Happy Cooking! 

Serves: 2 (can use vector to represent, like two human) 

Total Time: 15 minutes (can use vector to represent, like cooking pot, or cutting board)

Course: Main Course


Cooking Method: 

  •  Add WAY Sambal Sauce into the pan 
  •  Add sliced onion and saute together with the sauce. 
  •  Add petai and prawns one after another. Continue stirring until the prawns are thoroughly cooked. 
  •  Add a pinch of salt/Dashi powder(optional) 
  •  Squeeze ½ a lime into the mixture. 
  •  Mix well & cook all the ingredients for 5 more minutes 
  •  Your Sambal Petai Prawns are ready. Enjoy!


Recipe video

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